Villa 41 Key
Pitch and Putt Golf Course
Sunday Night Buffet
Key Biscayne Beach
Fifth Anniversary of the
Key Biscayne Hotel

The Hotel contributed greatly to the Mackle's transition from subdivision builder to city builder - from local businessmen to managers of  public companies - from local merchandiser to a worldwide sales force - from a South Florida success story to the international recognition that occurred in the 50s and continued in the 60s and 70s.  

The family atmosphere, the attention to detail and the statement of quality that the Hotel made inured to the benefit of the Mackle Brothers in many ways.

An entire book - or several books could be written about the 25 year history of the Hotel. I will simply list some memories, a few stories and some of the more notable guests of the Hotel.

My Memories

Every August - before school started
Pitch and Putt golf course
Walks to the lighthouse
Water skiing off the beach
The Silver Sands
The McCaughans
The Labor Day golf tournament
Bob Neal
Chuck Bremicker
Tom Parker
Joe the lifeguard
The Pub
Movies in the Santa Marta Room
The Sunday Buffet
Frank the bartender
A beautiful young brunette climbing a palm tree!
Macaroon cookies
Turtles hatching at night
Kite flying
Hurricane Betsy - 1965























President Elect Jack Kennedy and Vice President Richard Nixon Pose for Pictures in Front of the Key Biscayne Hotel Villas 
Arizona Star
November 14, 1960

Some of the other Stories

Some of the other stories worth mentioning but are too involved to expand on here:

The Nixon Family's and the Nixon Administrations connection with the hotel.

Nancy's story of bartender Frank and Watergate.

The Nixon - Kennedy meeting.

The destruction of the waterfront villas and the golf course during Hurricane Betsy of 1965.

The Sale of Key Biscayne Hotel




Photos from the Key Biscayne Hotel Guest Book
Guy Madison and Andy Devine
President of Ray-o-Vac 
Reverend Billy Graham
Doug Edwards and his Wife
Dr. Wehrner Von Braun
and his family
Jack Parr and his Family
Stan Musial & Mrs. Musial
Victor Borge and Family
Manager Bob Neale with President Richard Nixon and Secretary of State Bill Rogers
Senator George Smathers, His Wife and the Mayor of Fort Meyers
Senator Stuart Symington
and Friend
Football Coaches
Ray Eliot - Illinois
Duffy Daugherty - Michigan St.
Red Blake - Army
Bud Wilkinson - Oklahoma

The Guests

A few of the many renowned guests of the Hotel from the 1957 and 1958 Key Biscayne Hotel "Guest Book" magazines in the archives.

There were many more over the years!