Dad and Mom made a wonderful home and childhood for my sister Nancy and I.

A few of my memories:

On Sunset Island, Miami Beach

Golf with Dad at LaGorce or Riviera or Indian Creek

Playing catch with Dad and the last time when he said his bursitis was too bad

The biggest Christmas imaginable (of course Nancy always got more than I did!)

Tom Swift stories at bed time.

Dad whistling when he came home from work to let the family know he was home and running to jump in his arms.

A game of building forts and knocking down toy soldiers with marbles.

Saturday trips with dad to Gommy's.

The night I took the ski boat to Immaculatta for a teen dance (without telling anyone) and ran out of gas on the way home.

Playing chess ..... and beating him finally!

June & July in New Jersey


Sneaking me in to the races at Monmouth

Golf with Dad, Eddie Blind, Fred Hooper

Going down to the beach at mid day

Make-it-yourself lunches spread on the dining room table

New Jersey corn on the cob

My bedroom on the back of the house

Early mornings going with Dad to watch the horses work

Bouncing a rubber ball off the roof for hours

Asbury Park


Weekends at the Farm

The long ride up U.S. 27

Singing songs in the car.

Getting up early to go bass fishing.

Going to see the horses.

Riding the pony.

Playing in and on the canoe.

Driving all the way to Sebring to go to church.

August at the Key Biscayne Hotel











Pitch and Putt golf course

Walks to the lighthouse

Water skiing off the beach

The Silver Sands

The McCaughans

The Labor Day golf tournament

Bob Neal

Chuck Bremicker

Tom Parker

Joe the lifeguard

The Pub

Movies in the Santa Marta Room

The Sunday Buffet

Frank the bartender

A beautiful young brunette climbing a palm tree!

Macaroon cookies

Turtles hatching at night



Kite flying


.......and so much more



Homes From - To Address Photos
Coral Gables July 1943 - Late 1940's 637 Palmerita Ct. Coral Gables  





Sunset Island Late 1940's - 
Early 1950's
2524 Regatta, Sunset Island #2, Miami Beach  





Sunset Island Early 1950's - 1954 1500 West 25th Street, Sunset Island #2, Miami Beach
Sunset Island 1954 - Early 1990's 1410 West 25th Street, Sunset Island #2, Miami Beach
Key Biscayne Early 1990's - 131 Cape Florida Drive,
Key Biscayne





Second Homes From - To Address Photos
Sea Girt 1950's - Early 1960's  
Spring Lake 1970's +/-  





Summit House Condo 
 1980's -    





Marco Golf Course House 1970's