Dear Bob:

Well, about this time of year I usually take a moment to write a few letters to my dood friends; the time when I remember all the good things and indulge myself to the extent of getting a little sentimental.

It is a lovely evening, and here on my patio itís cozy, and comfortable. Iím sitting before our lovely pool with my typewriter, sort of half listening to the radio and slowly sipping a nice, very dry martini. I only wish you were here, and since you are not, the least I can do is to toast your health and happiness, so time out, old pal --- while I bend my elbow to you.

I just took time out to mix another martini and while I was out in the kitchen thought of all the time I would waste this evening if I went out to mix another drink every once in awhile, so I just made up a big pitcher of martinis and brought it back inw ith me so Iíd have it right her besideme and wouldnít have to wast time making more of them. So no Im all set and here goes. Besides martinis are agreat drink. For some reason they neverseeme to affec me in the slightest. Can drink thrm all day long. So here goes.

The greateests thin in the worle wokld is friendship, and believe me pal you are the geartets pal anybody everhad. Do you remember all the swell laughs we had togehter Ďpal? The wonderfful jokes. I#ll never forget the time yo bawled me out fr leving on my vahashun 10 minits early. He ha Boy how we laugheud didn we. Never did stop gilgglinging. Bit it was a prety funnya anwayh. I still laught about it once in a whole. Not as muhc as I used to. But what the hcek & afterall you still my bestt old pal. And if a guy cant have a luagh on a good treu fren one in a whiel waht the heck.

Dam pitcher is impty so I just wentoutand ma de anotherone and I sure wisch you were here ol pal to help me drink these marotnis be cause they are simply deluuscius. Parn me whil I lif my glas to you good helahth oncemroe because you are the bets pal I god, off cors why a pal would do a diryt thin liek ballin out a nother pals Iím dan if I knwo. Wasna adam bit funney. Stil stinkks. And if you thininkits funeyyour a drity lous anasd fare as Im concrened you go plum to helll #and stya they you dirty lous. Tho helwith ouy.

                                                                                              Your best fren