Dad & Nancy

Frank and Virginia returned  to Miami around the time of his discharge from the Navy. Virginia gave birth to their second child Nancy Radcliffe in May of 1946.

Returning to Miami, Frank and his brothers began to established the Mackle Company as a leading builder in Miami and - in short time - the nation.

The post-war housing boom was soon to be in full swing. Nation-wide, the G.I.s were returning to their hometowns. The hopes and plans that had been delayed by the war were now turning to reality. A wave of marriages, the post war baby boom and the prosperity that was to follow created a huge demand for homes. 

The war had also given a generation of men an urge to travel and - for many - an introduction to Florida as many thousands of them did their military training in the Sunshine State. As a result the housing boom was especially strong in Florida.


Helping the boom along were significant Federal home buying programs sponsored by the FHA and the VA. An ad on December 9, 1951 at Tropical park Estates shows a home could be bought for as little $4.950 with $25 down "including closing costs" and $29.44 a month "including Taxes, Insurance, Principle and Interest"! 

Operating out of their small office at 2818 Coral Way the Mackles were back in the home building business.

Information about the 1945 to 1950 era is scarce. The best information I have found is an article in the Miami News  published in mid 1950 which summarizes the Mackle Brothers work since the War . The article reads in part:

"Since the war the firm has developed Bird Road Estates and Central Miami, 103 homes; Borell subdivision, 110 homes; Morris Manors, 73 homes; Tamiami Gardens, 167 homes; Douglas Seventh Addition, 75 homes; Whitehead and Blain, 73 homes; Grapeland Heights, 450 homes; Oakland subdivision 170 homes; Linden Gardens, 483 homes and Central Miami, 165 homes."   

The article is actually about their newest project in Hialeah of 86 homes where it is reported that, "Mackle said that approximately half of the houses were sold last Sunday"

2000 homes in less than five years...and 43 in one day!

Before the war they had been thrilled to sell approximately 330 homes in about 2-3 years.

But Florida hadn't seen anything yet!