What follows is a private and personal story of my father.

He was a truly great man in all ways - public and private.

The early information comes from my study of the Mackle family genealogy. 

Some of the accounts are from stories that he told to me. The earliest stories from Dad begin with those that were handed down to him about James and Nancy. What I am including about Frank Senior is from Dad's stories and from the research I have done. 

Unfortunately, I never knew my Grandfather. 

My thanks to my sister, Nancy, for editing and for her  contributions to the story.

My thanks also to Bill O'Dowd for helping especially on the 50's and 60's. From the mid 60's on it is pretty much a first-hand account.

Much of this account is told from a business viewpoint - as that is what we shared most. But I hope to tell about the man as well as his business accomplishments. 

I wish he was here to tell it himself. I tried many times - especially in later years. While he would talk about the past occasionally, he really did not like to dwell it. Still, after we left Deltona, one thing that Dad did do was to commission Nancy Osborn to organize, into twenty to thirty scrapbooks, all of the newspaper articles etcetera that he had kept. This was either to preserve them for future generations or - more likely - to clean up what must have been many boxes of memorabilia! I have tried to include the more notable items from those scrapbooks.